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Personal details

Born: 8 March 1956, Putnok, Hungary
First name: Zoltán
Family name: Lőkös


1973: Finishing trade school as a photographer

1995-1999: teacher's training college, completing as a media teacher

Work & experience

1973-1993: worked as a photographer at a photo firm

1994- present: teach photography at a trade school in the capital


2001: Golden Diploma at National Association of Hungarian Photographers

2004: AFIAP title

2007: Artist of International Association of Hungarian Photographers

2010: EFIAP title


1977-present: active role in public life

About 200 exhibitions (own and group)

Photos published in 25 countries, such as the USA, Australia, Brazil, England, Argentina, France, Spain, Finnland, etc, winning different prizes

1989: a Hungarian museum bought some of my artworks